Massage  —–  Energy Therapy  —–  Bach Flower Remedies  —- Applied Kinesiology

Equine body work is a quickly growing field in the horse industry.  Many professionals are being drawn to this work, as the benefit for our equine companions is huge.  Horses are emotional, intuitive animals and I keep theses two characteristics in mind when working with them.  I not only address physical ailments, but I also focus on underlying emotional and energetic components.  Horses have so much to teach and if we open our minds and start to listen, the connection that we can have with these animals is limitless.  Each animal is unique and I passionately believe that having multiple routes for healing can create the best environment for long lasting change.

cropped-LOGO.jpg“Lauren has an ‘inner-sense’ about a horse’s health. She’s definitely new age and the equine community is better for it”        K.Jean

“She is excellent with the horses, always listening to the needs of horse and owner. She practises a wide range of therapies and I am grateful to have her in the equine industry”           J.Goddard